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House Church & Non-Profit Community Resource


M. Family

We are deeply grateful for your support. Your kindness has made a significant difference for our family, and we are truly touched by your generosity.


B. Family

I look at Restore22 as a family I never had. They helped me with rent, essentials, and payed for classes so I can better my future and provide for my children. Words can't explain the gratitude and love I have for Restore22.


Raj Dhillon

Restore22 has helped me grow spiritually. I have been included and accepted into the church family. The small groups have been such a blessing to me, helped me heal spiritually and emotionally. I'm so grateful to have Restore22 as my family."


Community Resource

We've given away $116,000 to refugees, unhoused and families in need paying down rent, buying cars, supplies and food.

Our goal is to give away $35k for 2024, will you join us?

Welcome to our house church/non profit's site!

We're an inter-faith and multi-socio economic community exploring the restorative teachings of Jesus and the Gospel together. As a Non Profit Community Resource we economically empower refugees, unhoused and struggling families while inviting all into a rhythm of relationship, spiritual discovery and lunch in our Fremont home. 

After working in a startup, I got my M.Div in 2011 and pastored for 8 years. By God's grace we started Restore22 in 2019. As a former therapist, Jess weaves psychology and spirituality for a holistic approach to inner healing. Hudson likes firefighters and Everett likes to scream. Come hang with us!

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Core Value #1: The deepest longing of our hearts is not only met in a perfect family, advancing in career, or even making a difference, but only found in God's love. The greatest commandment Jesus gave the world in Matthew 22 is to Love God with all our heart, soul and mind. He created us to find ultimate fulfillment in himself, so we pursue passionate intimacy with Him in day to day life.

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