Matthew 22
“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."


Alex & Vicky Chang

Through our small group, I've experienced Psalm 23 in the most personal, intimate way. For a long time, I never understood that God could enjoy me. But I learned that not only does God enjoy me because I'm His daughter, He desires that I enjoy my own 5-year-old son, JacJac. My parenting has shifted 180 degrees.


Kim & Clifford Burks

Restore22 has been a comfort to us during personal tragedy and encouragement during a time of civil unrest and discord.


Raj Dhillon

Restore22 has helped me grow spiritually. I have been included and accepted into the church family. The small groups have been such a blessing to me, helped me heal spiritually and emotionally. I'm so grateful to have Restore22 as my family."



Through Covid conscious community engagement, we've given away $42,500 to local families in need since Jan 2020.


After working for a startup and receiving my M.Div., I pastored for 8 years and realized that I needed to do church differently:

  - less Christian consumer indulging, more neighborhood based mission equipping & risk taking

- less Sunday morning production, more Spirt-led dialogue and experience 

     - less my church/brand focused, more Kingdom oriented

As I partnered with Jess in the journey we found a unique voice together in co-teaching Sundays, with her bringing in a Masters in Counseling Psychology and therapy background. Now, we are grateful to cultivate a Gospel centered house church that emphasizes inner healing while loving our neighbors with radical generosity, one taco and beer at a time.

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Core Value #1: The deepest longing of our hearts is not only met in a perfect family, advancing in career, or even making a difference, but only found in God's love. The greatest commandment Jesus gave the world in Matthew 22 is to Love God with all our heart, soul and mind. He created us to find ultimate fulfillment in himself, so we pursue passionate intimacy with Him in day to day life.

Group of Friends


Whether skeptic, seeking, or committed, we invite you to belong to a community that will love you through life's ups and downs. We know relationships can be messy, but it's when you take the risk to be hurt, you also give yourself a chance to heal and grow.

Praying Together